Day four of the mighty vacation

Sorry I missed a day, but Vegas has a way of keeping you up late, and I was tiiiired!

So day four started off in a relaxing, if sweltering way. We went down to the amazing pool at South Point, and Jessica sunned and read while I worked on the day three blog. It was freaking hot, the AstroTurf by the pool must have been 200 degrees. My poor tootsies! The laptop got so hot in the sun it was freezing up. I finally found some shade and finished up. Then we went swimming and boy did that feel good. The pool was amazingly cold for the 107 degree heat. Whew!

After that it was time for lunch. We had an awesome suggestion from the awesome Guy and April to get sushi, which we have never tried, at a place called Yokohama Kaigenro. It is a little hole in the wall Asian market, and restaurant. The sushi was amazing! We had California roll, which was ok, but we also had spicy tuna roll and tempura - crab and shrimp, and it was delectable. Man, my mouth is watering thinking about it.

Then back to the strip for some more neato sights. We went to Caesar's Palace and the Forum Shops (the Caesar's Palace mall) to stop by FAO Schwartz to get something for Eli. The mall is awesome, mostly designer shops and stuff, but it is pretty amazing. The place is designed to look like an Italian street, complete with gigantic elaborate fountains with statues and ceilings painted to look like real sky. We also saw an animatronic show about the fall of Atlantis that was kind of cheesy, but neat to see. My shoes were falling apart at the seams (they WERE five years old, which seems a reasonable amount of time to keep shoes to me, but in Jessica's eyes, this is an egregious sin against fashion) so we went by the Gap to get new ones. They are Chuck Taylors and I love them.

After that we went for some more souvenir shopping, and saw a few more casinos. We walked around for quite some time and finally made it back to the Bellagio for dinner. Prepare yourself because I am going to spend some time on this one. We went to the Bellagio buffet because we had read online from a lot of sources that it was the best on the strip. It is pricey, but oh my gosh. Oh wow. This was the most amazing meal ever. They had everything, and it was all amazing. My favorite was the mushroom ravioli with truffles, and the Florida wahoo in teryaki sauce. Jessica loved the king crab and the boiled shrimp, both amazingly fresh and fantastic. We also had prime rib, veal marsala, roasted turkey, and an amazing selection of desserts from bread pudding to cheesecake. Oh was it good. The place was gorgeous and clean and the food was so good. There was not a single bad thing that I ate. Well, the cous cous was bad, but I think that is universal.

Walking back down the strip, we realized the definition of bad cos play when we saw a guy dressed as the Joker and two other guys dressed as Batman. One of the Batmen had his mask in his hand and was looking dejected as the Joker followed behind him and keeping character flung a string of insults at him. I then realized that the Joker is the ultimate super-villian, because not even two Batmen can keep him in check. He is the living end!

Then it was time to go back to the hotel, it was pretty late, but Jessica did want to check out bingo. I was dubious, but she was insistent. We went and it was pretty cool. We did not win anything, but the casinos sure now how to make it exciting. We had a good time and after an hour of bingo, it was definitely time for bed. What a day, and tomorrow morning I will fill you in on day five! Pictures -