Day five in the week of dying stars...

What is up with all of the celebrity deaths? Crazy right?

Well today we head to LA! Wooooo hooooooo! Up this morning and I was waiting for Jessica to get ready so I was lazily leafing through the coupon book that the hotel gave us at check in. I found a coupon for free $25 of slots play. Score! We went down and redeemed it. We meandered through the sprawling casino filled with 70 year olds trying to find some promising quarter slots. Let me just say that this hotel undoubtedly caters to the retired crowd, (it has bingo for crying out loud) so there are an unusual ration of penny slots to anything else on the casino floor. So, of course we chose penny slots since we found nothing else. The interesting thing about this $25 credit is that of course you can't cash it out, but anyhting that you win is yours. So, we cashed out everytime we hit anything. This gave us lots of little tickets for $1.60 and the like. We relished in it, and at the end of the twenty five bucks, we were $6.80 richer. Double score. So of course we did what any sane and responsible people would do witht that new-found bounty. We went to Del Taco for luch. Oh, it was gooood! I love Del Taco in case you didn't notice.

After that we headed out. We were almost to California and we had one more Vegas souvenier that we wanted to grab. Fortunately there is a pretty good-sized gambling community just inside the Nevada state line. I think the town is Prynne or Prymm or something like that. It had three good sized resorts buched up together on two sides of the highway that were connected by monorail over the interstate. There was also a large outlet mall connected to Terrible's Resort and Casino. We parked at Whiskey Pete's and rode the monorail over to Terrible's. They had a Bonnie and Clyde display complete with a replica of their shot-up car and the shirt Clyde was wearing when he was killed. Weird. Well we found our souvenier and we were off. Back over the monorail and on to cali.

We hit LA fianlly and fought unreal traffic. We made it to the hotel pretty much without a hitch though and checked in. This place is way to nice. Thanks Priceline! Then we were off like a shot to Malibu for dinner. We found a good cheap place online that is just on the beach, and let me tell you; pacific coast highway views are breathtaking. We were surrounded by cool breeze, ocean, gulls, and multi-million dollar homes. It was amazing. This restaurant is called Malibu Seafood and it is little more than a shack with tables outside, but the weather was perfect, and the food was so fresh it was hard to believe. I had an ahi tuna burger and Jess had grilled shrimp. It was the first time I had ever had a tuna burger and it was perfect. Jess is a sucker for shrimp, but declared this iteration the freshest that had ever touched her lips. The place had a sign that read, "The reason we don't serve breakfast is that we are out getting lunch." So the fish is fresh and tasty.

After that we walked the beach in the sunset for about and hour, and wow. It was amazing. Cold water though! We still had some tome to kill so we decided to head to Hollywood Blvd. We were glad we did. Let me tell you, parking is a nightmare but we lucked out. We stumbled into some garage that had all of these crazy prices posted that we couldn't make sence of, but as it turns out, any place in the mall above can validate your parking and then it is $2 for the first four hours. The crazy thing about this is that there were tons of lots all around charging $2 per fifteen minutes. Yikes!

Well, we were sad that they had the Grahmen's Chinese theatre blocked off for the world premier of Bruno. You win again Sacha Baron Cohen! But we walked up and down in front of Kodak theatre and took pics with some of the stars on the walk of fame. One thing that was amazing though was the Micheal Jackson memorials going on at either end of the block. Since Micheal Jackson's star is right in front of the theatre and was blocked off, there were two memorial crowds at the barricades. They were blaring Jackson music, painting portraits, leaving tons of flowers and lighting candles. There was a huge party atmosphere as everyone was dancing and cheering after every song ended. It was a neat experience, and hundreds of people were taking part. It was a bit sad though, when we headed down and found Ed McMahon's star and there were three white roses and one little candle. Still it was a nice gesture, and a sweet thought.

One other neat thing happened. When we were trying to push through one of the Micheal Jackson crowds to get back to the car, Jessica bumped into someon and looking up to say sorry and she saw it was Sarah Silverman. Jessica was suprised, so she touched Sarah's shoulder and said, "Hey! It's you!" Sarah Silverman couldn't have been nicer and she smiled really big and said, "Yeah." Then walked away with her big guy friend, walking fast. It was pretty neat.

Then we headed to the room, fighting traffic all the way, but we made it, and sleepy time! Photoooooooos!