Sorry Edna...

So I have to pick on Edna a bit even though I found her blog quite by coincidence when searching for "pretentious" blogs to emphasize my ill-conceived joke in my first post. I will just quote one of her posts here:


World Religion 30
Answer two of the following questions, in paragraph form:

1. Compare and contrast the beliefs of two religions on the origins of the world/humankind, OR their beliefs on the afterlife.
2. Virtually all religions have in common a desire to bring peace and justice to humanity. Many of these same religions, however, have fallen short of these ideals. Using specific examples, discuss this problem.
3. What challenges face religion and religious beliefs as we are about to enter the new millenium? Use specific examples.
4. What do the major religions of the world have in common? In what ways do they differ? Discuss, using examples from at least two different religions.
5. Does God exist?

So I wonder if she has to cite sources for her answer to number 5? And wouldn't it be great if she got that question wrong? Imagine things going all wavy as life slips into my vision of what that would be like:
TEACHER: Does God exist? Anyone? Yes, Edna.

EDNA: Well I think there is no God, see I am an ath...

TEACHER: Incorrect! Anyone else, does God exist?

Cool. I bet that is exactly how it goes down.