Hi Guys.

It has certainly been a while hasn't it? So I realize it has been about three weeks with no communication from me about any of the things I have been working on. Truth is I have been incredibly busy with work and life and all of the things, but I have been working. I haven't been finishing things, but I have been working. I am planning on making up for some lost time as much as possible in the next few weeks. I have been stressed and I have not been feeling particularly creative. My brain has been far too occupied. 

So almost finishing the video of us flying my phone into the air on balloons has been fun. It will be silly, and fun and it taught me basically how to use Sony Vega. I have some Spartan basics down, and it makes me feel like I might be able to actually make some good quality videos eventually. And I have dome some work on the pod cast that I am working on with Lance. Show notes for another episode are done, and sound checks and technical details are being ironed out. We should be recording a second episode tomorrow. I am excited about this whole process, it is fun and it makes me feel like I am connecting to people who are not listening yet, and may never. But we are reaching out, and soo it will be where someone can reach back. 

One other thing I have accomplished some headway on is something I may or may not have mentioned here in the past. I have decided over a long course of events, that I want to try to put a stand-up set together. Doing stand-up comedy is something that I have thought about doing since I was in high-school. And then again so many times since then, but I have never thought that I had an actual way to do that. But I recently discovered that I live six miles away from an improv club that has an open mic night on Wednesdays and just anyone can sign up for that and holy crap I am considering DOING STAND UP! It terrifies me, and I am so worried that I will completely bomb, or worse yet, I will never be able to put together a set to begin with. 

But seriously, I think I can. I really want to . I may or may not have had a little bit of a break through with that recently. I think I discovered a little bit of what may become my voice for comedy. It may also be unfunny and lead to nothing, but it feels like I might be on to something.  I will keep you all posted, and I will update you if we get the pod cast recorded tomorrow. For now I will sleep, but perhaps I will write more tomorrow. Good night internet.