Weeks and things...

Well, it has really been a couple of weeks with no things. One week, I let my thing be learning Sony Vegas (a little) because all of the time was spent trying to do that. But last week I had no thing. I am sad and ashamed, but to be fair I was sick, and I slept a lot more than I normally do. I took a week off. So sue me! 

But I am happy to say that this week, WE RECORDED A POD CAST! Hooray and saints be praised we actually recorded an hour and it looks like we will be doing that from 9-10 pm on Wednesdays going forward. The G1G (Gen 1 Gaming) pod cast is becoming a thing and I actually think it was pretty good stuff for those who are a fan of gaming and gaming culture. I am proud of it, and I enjoyed doing it. I think it is a great creative outlet for me, and something that people who like games and things will enjoy.

I am still going to attempt to work on video stuff today, because it is the only day this week that I have available, but I will likely not get anything finished tonight. I will try, but these things take time, and I don't have a lot. I will continue working and plugging away. I really want Gen 1 Gaming to be a thing that we can all collaborate on and contribute to and have fun with. It is greatly gratifying to be able to get together with my friends and talk about the things that we love and have ideas and produce them and see them coming together. It is wonderful, and satisfying. 

The act of creating a thing and putting it, and opinion in the world is great, and getting feedback on it is phenomenal. So here is me telling you about the things I am doing and creating, and here is me writing about the process of doing those things. I hope that one or two people read this and get a slight bit of entertainment from it, or something positive in any form. I am glad to be creating and doing things. I am relieved, even.