A new thing!

This week, I have a little change of pace. So I mentioned before that my friends an I are working on making content for a new website (already registered and made, but not ready for consumption yet) and I have been wanting to make comedy sketch videos with my friends for ages. well I recently had an idea through a few different happenings. They are these:

I watched the movie Black Dynamite for the first time recently. It is nothing less than amzing. One of the funniest movies I have seen in ever. Watch it. As long as you are not offended by R rated hilariousness that is a parody of blacksploitation films. Well the style of that movie has me in a certain comedy headspace.

Then My friend Lance was telling me of how he likes to chase his cat around his house with his Lee Enfield WWI era rifle making machine gun noises and holding like a bazooka and things like that. It cracked me up and we started riffing on that idea and came up with this concept. The idea is to make a video and keep it under five minutes becasue the internet has a low attention span. I am going to share the script here because who the heck is going to steal this crap? Here it is in all of its brilliance. I hope you have Microsoft Word because that is how you are getting it. ENJOY!