Everything has a thing.

And here is the thing about thing a week lately.  I am doing things! I have learned of a principle of creating things, and it is this: creating things takes time and creating better things takes even more time. I finally got Sony Vegas Pro, and I have spent a LOT of time trying to learn how to use it. It is hard. It is a lot harder than I expected. 

So I have spent far more time that I have wanted in the last few weeks trying to get software to work and trying to learn how to use it. It is frustrating and decidedly not creative or very gratifying. But I am accepting it as a part of the process that I want to go through with my life. I want to make things and create and let other people consume it and let it run its course in their lives and change this world however it might. I have to put in the work, and I will.

Work can seem sometimes like nothing more in life than a means to pay rent and hinder me frim doing what I am passionate about. It feels a bit silly to say I am passionate about making silly videos and writing stories about crickets and what-not, but I want to work the creative muscle in my body and put things in the world for consumption. I want to make connections with like-minded people and I want to exchange. I want to exchange with a community that I am part of and actively involved in, but not connected with just yet. 

I feel bogged down by the process that I am going through, but I do feel like it is necessary. I am working on it and moving towards it and making a slow and methodical progress. I am turning myself into a different person, and part of that change has included spending much of my free time working and improving and gaining ground on this goal  that I have instead of reading and playing games and larking about. 

It seems to bee a part of the process for me. Play less, work more. My output is not enough. My goal is to remedy that. I need to produce more, and learn less, but producing is a learning process as well. I am learning to be the me that I want to be. Hopefully I will see you on the other side. As for me, I have to sleep now. I still love you, internet. Goodnight.