Weekly things!

I forgot to blog about the thing last week. It was outlining the book. I almost finished the book outline, and I was stuck. Now I am a bit stuck again but the process of doing it has been helpful for me. I am intent on finishing things, and the hardest thing has been finding consistent time to work. When I am working on a peice that I have not worked on in quite some time, I find myself losing steam, and losing my place. I need to focus. I need to schedule more time for writing. This is what the thing a week has been about for me. 

I am going to try to focus on things I can do myself becasue at the moment coordinating other peoples schedules and motivating them is harder than I would like to admit. So the next couple of weeks I will be doing indivisual projects. 

That being said, I want to share this week with you the amazing music that my brother Paul made for the Pep & Night script I wrote. This is going to happen people! But it might be a while before I can light the necessary fires that I need to in order to make it happen. I am committed to it though! 

This week, the thing I am working on is a video that we made this past Sunday as a family. I got a great idea from The Geek Dad. Geek Dad is amazing. DO check out the website. He is aweome and tries to give parents ideas to share their geek interests with their kids. Well he had an idea to take a bunch of baloons and float a camera with them. 

Eli and I decided to try this over the weekend. We took 62 balloons and tied the iPhone to them. It ony went about 50-60 feet in the air because, holy cow it takes so many helium ballons to float a thing! But we got a vool video and Jessica filmed from the ground with the camera. I am going to try to get the videos edited together and up this week as the thing. You guys will love it, I know. 

I had to get this post out describing last week's thing. I am convinced to make the thing for this week to work. I am dedicated to creating new things. I am holding myself accountable to  you internet. I will make things for you. I love you.