Thing this week

I have a new thing this week!  Thing number two!  It is another video. Let me talk a little bit about making tihs video and what it means to me. I love characters nad voices. In addition to this being an attempt to make video content for the upcoming website, I am using the video game gameplay videos as a way to do characters and make sketches. Anyone who knows me relatively well knows that I am a huge fan of doing dumb voices and that I havea constant reel of sketches running in my brain. 

I relate to everything as how it would play out in a movie, play, or comedy sketch. I am constantly doing this. Constantly. My life becomes a running comedy show or movie. I am always recreating things as how they would be funnier in a movie setting. It is just the way my brain works. Well in light of all of that useless knowledge about me, here is another character, in another video. It was fun, I hope it is funny.