The thing a week.

So I have decided, in light of a combination of things, some of which is inspiration by successful people that I look up to and respect, and some of which is encouragement from friends that I look up to and respect; that if I am what I say I am and I want to be what I claim I want to be, I need to start producing work. Not just run-on sentences.  Real actual things for people to consume. Sometimes I think I have it in me, and sometimes I think I am fooling myself. But I have to try. I have to create. 

I may not have anything vital or even compelling, but being creative and making things feels as much a part of my makeup as breathing and drinking water. I am not being true to myself if I am not doing it. I need to surround myself with creative people and schedule times to work on creative projects. Here are the ones that I am currently working on that I am publicly admiting to, so that I can be accountable to the anonymous internet for work that no one will likely consume. 

1.) Some friends and I are putting together a game/nerd culture website that we want t o populate with content. I am going to be working on a podcast, machinima/gameplay videos, forum/community management and writing projects for this site. I really want it to take off, the peope I am doing this with are amazing and a joy to work with. More on this soon.

2.) I have had an idea for a novel since college which I graduated from in 2003. It has been more than ten years since this idea came to me and I intend to be faithful to the inspiration and bring it into the world. More on this soon.

3.) I am writing a short story about a cricket. I really want to finish this short story because it means a lot to me for reasons. That is all you really need to know, but I want to put it in the world. 

4.) I want to blog about this process. I want to document all of it. I need to to keep myself accountable and to be more organized.

All of these things will count toward my thing a week requirement I am setting for myself for the next year. I want to produce one thing every week, for one year and be able to look back at the end of the year and feel like I have accomplished something and built a library of at least one or two things I can be proud of. Here is hoping. Here is to the next year. I love you internet, let's do this thing.

The thing for this first week is two-fold: This blog post, and a video for the website. You may or may not hate it, but it is a freshman attempt. It was as important to me that I made that is was for it to be good. To really get it you need to watch my brother Paul's Super French Series on YouTube. It is a fun watch.