Okay, new job.

Which I have been in since the first week in November, and just now in the last week in December I am writing about it. It is about time. Life has been a whirlwind, and I have not been taking time to write anything. But now you will have it! You will have something. 

I will start from the very beginning because as I have heard, it is a very good place to start. Well maybe not the very beginning. When I was in highschool, I felt like I was being called to ministry and in my limited view of the world I took the path that I thought was the only one. I started working in a church and went to college for religion. It wasn't working out so great. I found myself in a few situations where church politics and bad working relationships didn't give me the best experience. It wasn't for me. 

Then I found theatre. It was like I suddenly felt at home. I had found my passion and it was eye opening and empowering. I needed to create and to conceptualize and build and work and make things be that weren't before. I had a great mentor in a professor there who taught me a lot and inspired me. I've told you stories about Mac before. I Learned and grew and had my whole life start to feel like it was beginning to line up and things were falling into place. I fel like I fit, and that the things I had been given as talents and abilities were starting to make sense. I had found my calling. 

But this felt like a bit of a departure from where I thought my life was supposed to go. So I vascillated for a few months. Then I graduated, and I had to pay rent. So I followed the calling of my landlord and got a job that gave me a paycheck. It led me to a string of jobs that I was good at and vaguely thought of leaving once or twice a year but felt that I had gotten myself into a path that was hard to escape.

I forgot about this idea of calling, or fullfilment in work, or feeling like I was doing a thing that mattered. Who needs all that stuff anyway? Me. I need those things. I need to create things and make a difference in the lives of people in some way. But I felt like this was not a possibility. I had a "career" now and I was tied into it.

But then Mac came by one night to catch up. We were eating spaghetti and he was talking about his new job at Highland Park United Methodist Church in Highland Park, Texas. We chatted and caught up and as he was leaving he mentioned that I should apply for the job of the guy who worked under him becasue he had recently left the job as lighting director. I thought, "Yes! I will apply for this job with my wealth of experience in the last eight years and take this responsibility and have no problems!"

So I applied. I was terrified becasue I was unqualified for this position and hadn't had experience with most of the systems they used and hadn't done lighting in years. After a three month application and interview period, I had written it off and expeted nothing. When I heard that they were wanting to offer me a job, I was shocked. I was gob-smacked. I had no idea how to proceed. So I just proceeded. Then they offered me a job, and I took it. I took the job. It was bonkers. 

I had managed a Gamestop store for eight years and I didn't know anything else. I was good at it, I was respected, and I was comfortable. I didn't like it and I got nothing out of it, but I was good. There is comfort in that, and there is reward in that. But I was fading away doing something that gave me no real reward. I felt trapped and unsatisfied. 

These all seem like quibbling complaints and non-problems. But I suddenly felt like coming home again. I was going to be able to come to work and make things, and design, and light, and be creative and solve problems and be part of all of those conversations with other people of like minds. It is a revelation, and a solice. 

There are many stories I could tell about my new job, and proabably will do soon, but I will say it has been amazing. I am limited with how much time I have tonight, but I will show you a thing that we did that I am proud of. It was a lot of work, but it was fun and rewarding and fantastic. 

To tell you a little bit about what is happening here, we used an app called Wham City Lights and had people in the congregation download the app at the beginning of the service and it creates a link with users cell phones and synchronizes them whith a pre-recorded light show that we made for this song. It was a really cool effect.