A Call to Arms

About the creative process...  I have been thinking a lot about it lately.  I have been listening to a show recently that deals quite a bit with the creative process and it has made me think.  I am thinking more and more about creating things and developing ideas, and how that  works and what it means for me in my life.  

I have come the the telling realization that I may soon have to start dedicating more of my free time to creating if that is something I truly want to do.  Other than work, I have precious little free time, and writing and creating and brainstorming anything takes a portion of that time. I have to accept that.  I don't want to accept that, but it is a fact that I have to deal with.  Like my good buddy Mac has told me time and again, "Art is work."  I think it is time for me to get to work.

I have fallen into a very predicatable pattern in my life.  My pattern is largely; work, child things, life things and video games.  There is variation to this pattern, but mostly this is the same every day.  I have been litening to The Nerdist podcast lately, which is AMAZING, and Chris Hardwick has lots of guests on that are super talented and creative and gracious and entertaining and INCREDIBLE! Listening to their creative process is fascinating and eye opening.  The first thing that I have to say about this show is that I love it.  The way Chris Hardwick talks to people is fan-diddly-tastic.  He and his co-hosts Jonah Ray and Matt Mira have an awesome exchange with one another that reminds me of dorking around with my brothers or friends to the extent that sometimes leaves the guests baffled or annoyed.  That is when I know he is interviewing a guest that I probably couldn't hang out with. Because the exchange that they have seems like home, it is freaking awesome.

But after the nerdy joke making and micro-roleplaying there is a conversation that is born out of an incredible ability to talk to people on a level that engages them in communicating and opening up about their craft, whatever that may be to an extent that you don't often see in many interview settings. Chris seems to have a way of getting people to engage him passionately about what they do creatively. That is fascinating to me.  It inspires me.  It is unique and it really pumps me up to hear a person be able to get artistic, incredibly talented people to talk about their craft and process so candidly.

Fair warning to the readers out there who mind, this podcast earns its explicit tag every week. If you are easily offended best stay away, but you will be missing out. 

Being a stand-up comedian, he deals a lot with other comedians and being a bit of a comedy nerd I am enthralled by this. The ability to hear legendary comics like Jim Gaffigan, Drew Cary, Bill Burr, Maria Bamford, and Hardwick himself talk about the process of creating comedy, handling a room, developing an act, and evolving a persona, is like a revelation. When I hear people who take comedy seriously, and live it, and make the process a part of their lives feels even a little like coming home. Being a part of an academic conversation, even passively feels incredibly comforting becasue it seems like finding a clan.

One of the most amazing things I have gotten out of listening to the show is the motivation, and ideas about productivity. Many of the guests that he has talked to have a similar attitude towards creating and doing work. They are incredibly busy, because they are amazingly driven and disciplined to their craft. I have content that I feel like I should be sharing with other people. I am terribly undisciplined about making it consumable by other human beings. "I have an amazing idea for a funny thing people should see! I will never do anything with it because I am too 'busy'." This is the most bullshit excuse ever and listening to people talk about creating consumable content for others has helped me realize that.

Rob Zombie was another guest that Chris had on the show who really surprised me by garnering large amounts of respect from me and inspiring me to create and be less lazy. One of the things he talked about was aspiring artists and performers asking him what they should do to get famous. His initial response was, "If you could do it, you would be doing it. You would not be asking me." It really made me think, that instead of wondering how I can get these things in my mind out to other people, I need to just start doing it.  It is time to start producing things that I have been thinking of for other people to experience. This is one thing I can do. This blog is another thing in the long list of things that I need to be more faithful to. I hope the two of you who read this enjoy it, and I am working on things that I hope more of you consume soon. 

Surprising talent and creativity inspire me.  Chris Hardwick and his ability to gather and talk to people of unnatural talent and ability, and his drive and panache for focusing his creativity has inspired me. Maybe the inspiration will lead to creating a bunch of stuff that no one will ever care about, but it is inherently in me and it is necessary for me to share it with the universe at large. Consume it friends, enjoy it brethren.