I don't know why I like this so much!

Ok, I lied I do! As a man, and an increasingly ornery one at that, I hate with a passion that burns with the fury of a thousand suns, going to the store. Practically any store, and the grocery store is near the top of that list. And then you add insult to injury by charging me exorbitant fees for increasingly more complex and pointless shaving razors. I think every man feels my pain. Why do I need four blades, or five?! How unruly is my facial hair? So I have been buying crappy disposables and using them far too long, making shaving this sort of self-imposed torture that I avoid as much as humanly possible, making me look a mix between a shiftless bum and a crazed lunatic most of the time. 

Just grow a beard, they say! It will be easier they say! Well, one does not simply, grow a beard. Not when you are me. My facial hair grows in looking like some sort of diseased rodent, or a poorly glued on, elementary school play beard. Not even as good as the one in this picture. Seriously. 

So obviously I opt for shaving infrequently, and painfully, using a dreadfully dull blade with a peeling, worn miniaturizing strip. Sounds appealing, huh. Well it isn't. And then I found it. Of course I found it through Reddit, which is where I find all things Internet these days. That being said the site is a bit overloaded right now, so it may be a tad sluggish right now. But this is brilliant.

This is a company that will let you choose between three different levels of razor blades. A simple double blade, a slightly less simple triple blade, and a super fancy four blade razor. They send you a free handle for the blade, and they send you all your blade replacements for the month right to your door. The monthly fees range from $1-$9 per month. PER MONTH! If you have ever bought razor blades even once you know that it costs quite a bit more than nine dollars. And even if you buy crappydisposables it is more than one dollar per month. And you have to go to the freaking store.

So long story short, here is the link. Forgive me this is a link that gives you %15 off your first month and gives me a free month if you sign up, I like free shaving more than cheap shaving, trust me it is legit. The commercial is awesome as well, it actually won me over. Check it out on the main page of the sight. Enjoy!


Edit: So the link to my account seems to not be working. Here is the link to the site proper.