I feel like I need to say it.

I am in no way trying to make this a political or religious blog, but in light of recent events I feel like it bears addressing. I am a Christian, and the force of that drives the emotional and intellectual response to most things that I experience, do or even think. I may not be the best Christian around, goodness knows at times I am surely close to the worst; but with God as my everlasting witness, I attest to the power of God and His influence in my life, both as a force in the formation of me as an individual, and as guiding force in the continuation of my life everyday.  

The fact that the deplorable recent act in Oslo, Norway was commited, even partially in the name of my God destroys me. I renounce, for my part as a Christian, and as a member of global society, the acts of a political extremist. He was no representative of my beliefs, my God, or my religion.  Please do not be fooled for even one second.

And please Christians, look at this and let it dictate a bit, your attitudes toward Muslims, and Islam.  I fervently hope that no other Christians, or anyone for that matter, would judge a people group, or religious organization by the action of a political extremist who claims to be aligned with that religion. Shame on those who have done just that for the past ten years. It pains me to think that anyone involved with this tragedy would even remotely associate me with the pain, trauma and distress they had to deal with for any reason. I would never want to be looked at with fear or hatred or anger by anyone in the world because of the actions of a fanatical, crazed, extremist, lunatic. So I hope we can stop doing the same thing to good Muslim people.

Here is a really insightful blog that started me thinking about this.