Well isn't that a fine Howdy-do?

So I promised you video game talk, and here it is:  I know, I know, you huddled masses have been clammoring at the door of my Ivory TowerTM for literally minutes begging for this, and I have finally delivered!  So get off my internet back, geez.  

So a friend of mine recently gifted me Terraria on Steam (more on Steam later) and at first I was dubious.  It was described to me as a "2D Minecraft" which was about as appealing as a chocolate candy without peanut butter in it.  So, in short, slightly appealing, but seemingly less appealing than the bit of chocolate with peanut buttery goodness.  

Well as it turns out, Terraria is more like a 2D Minecraft with bosses, and weapons, and NPC's and zombies, and dungeons and underground jungles, and floating islands that are easily exploreable with your friends through the already established multiplayer servers.  If that doesn't get your motor running you are probably one of the four out of six people who will visit this site and knows nothing about video games.  (Sorry Mom!)  

But that is ok, let me bring it all home with a Brilliant Analogy!TM  Minecraft is the video game equivalent of someone saying, "Here is the World's Most Delicious Cake!  And here is ore and a forge and a book on where you can find instructions telling you how to make a fork.  And eventually with enough research you can make a steam powered fork!"  Sounds pretty good, yeah?  If not, revisit your powers of imagination!  

Terraria is as though someone said, "Here is the same delicious delicious cake, but this time I will give you; the individual who clearly has more than a little experience with Legos, a swimming pool full of Legos, and some of them are roughly fork-shaped.  And with enough research you can make a lightsaber to stop that scary fellow who will come over the fence and try to take your cake.  A LIGHTSABER!"  

Stop me if you don't care... Oh, wait, you can't because this is my website!  Granted it is doing not much more than Facebook does for me, but it is distinctly better than Bookface in a few very important ways:

1) Only I can make new posts

2) I can make them as long as I want

3) You type my name into the browser bar to get here

4) I have my own website so I am smarter than, like, everyone

5) I like making numbered lists

So in short, Terraria is loads of fun and it actually got me out of my World of Warcraft reverie.  Oh I can hear it now, and just get right out of town!  Yes I play World of Warcraft and you would too if you would just try it.  Imagine getting together with a group of friends and telling epic stories where you and your friends are the heroes.  And instead of telling the stories you are living them.  That is WoW. Only it's better because you can get stuff, too.  

Ok, enough from me for now, I like Terraria.  The same friend (sorry I just love that this exists) gifted me Amnesia, and for that I would like to say, screw you too buddy!  Geez!