For the sake of nostalgia.

I know that I am likely in a slim minority here, but I am having trouble lately reconciling myself with all of this nostalgia mongering lately.  I know I have had moment where I remember how much I used to love the show, movies and games of my youth; but now they make better stuff.  More applicable stuff. Shinier stuff! Get on board folks! We have better things to entertain us these days, and we should appreciate it for crying out loud.  

Have you ever gone back and watched some of those old chestnuts from TV? I can barely sit through episodes of all of the shows I though that I would never stop loving.  Join with me in a bit of shameless nostalgia mongering.  Remember He-Man?  It was awesome right?!  Was is such a huge freaking word here. Good grief, this show is painful, and tell me there is not something weird going on between He-Man and Man-At-Arms.  I mean for crying out loud the guy's name is Man-At-Arms.  And Skeletor's voice? What is going on there?  I am all for gay rights, but even gay people should be offended by the sixth member of the Village People approach the creators of the show took with the He-Man series. 

And it doesn't end with He-Man.  Practically every show that I loved is like this.  I mean goodness I know I was a kid, but this stuff is awful.  And when I go back and try to watch the shows that were decent, they are not as good as I remembered them because they are no longer relevant.  Now, I realize that I have changed through the years, and I have learned to love beyond reason, irony and pseudo-intellectual entertainment that I would have heartily turned my nose up at when I was younger, but I feel like that is largely in part, due to the fact that our society and the company that I specifically keep, is changing as well.  That includes the things I use to entertain myself.

Movies are the same.  People cry about there not being anymore good movies, and while I will readily admit that there are gobs more horrible movies I also assert the art of making good movies, and widely distributing them is becoming far more prevalent. I have seen some of the most amazing movies I have ever watched in the last year and a half.  Seriously, check out the "good movies" link. Telling me that they don't make movies like Breakfast Club, and National Lampoon's Vacation anymore is like telling me, "Hey, I am about to give you an indication of what decade we live in." Thanks for the heads up. Those are great movies, but I have already seen them.  People have actually said of movies that we have tapped out creativity, and no new stories are being made.  I emphatically dissagree.

And now I am about to lose some readers completely.  Let's talk about video games.  Why is it compulsory to love old games?  I mean, granted we loved them when they came out, because then they were just games.  Now they are old games.  When I go back and play them they feel dated and unfun.  I am not one of these frat boys with no attention span who only like games with "awesome graffix" and 'splosions, but games have just gotten better.  I like stories and I like interesting game play elements that give us a unique and memorable experience.  This is more fun than games that use difficulty to maintain interest where technological restraints keep innovation low. These games aren't as much fun as they are frustrating and designed to give you a sense of accomplishment after you slog trough the required hours to complete them and ultimately feel relief.  You shouldn't be relieved when you finish a game.  I love games that give me a challenge, but also make me feel like I have experienced something besides self-hate.  Video games have become such an immersive and compelling form of entertainment that it kills me when people say things like "they don't make good games anymore!" 

The same goes for music, and I know this is an entirely huge can of worms, but why is it that people listen to music from 20 or 30 years ago elusively while wholly discounting current music?  There is so much good music out there that is seems a tragedy to stick completely in the past.  Don't get me wrong, some music is classic, and it is most definitely on my Zune, but I also like to find new artists and enjoy new stuff.  Yes I use a Zune get off my back, I love it

I guess I am saying it is okay to branch out.  I am in no way trying to be an iconoclast, but I just think that it is a hateful ball full of wanting to argue for no good reason when you argue something is not good just because it isn't the thing you liked a long time ago.  That last sentence was convoluted.  I just wanted to point that out.  Let me fix that for me.  I think it is hateful to argue something isn't good just because you like something else better 15 years ago. Also, go back and try out the old thing before you try to proselytize the belief that new is bad, and old is pure and awesome.

So it is time for me to go and re-watch Grosse Pointe Blank and play some more Team Fortress 2 (it is free now by the way).