You have probably come across this already...

So I have recently heard of a very scarcely distributed instrument from Switzerland, called a hang drum.

This is a Swedish instrument made by two Swedish guys, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer.  Apparently they are only willing to make a couple of these every year because they are obviously lazy.  Or else they are so obsessed with being underground that they don't want to appear to have "sold out".  Either way, you can expect to be on a years long waiting list if you want to get your hands on one of these puppies.  And you can expect to drop at least $500-1500.  Still want one?

Well of course not!  I haven't convinced you yet that it is worth your interest, you probably have already stopped reading this post!  You fickle interwebs, stick with me, awesome videos are coming!  

One more deterrent to buying this piece of epic awesomeness is that you have to physically go to Switzerland, and let's be brutally honest; who would go to Switzerland?!  I mean...(Switzerland)

So it is obvious no one will ever go there on purpose, so just give up on getting one of these bad-boys. Oh wait, I forgot, you still don't care that you can't have one!  Here you go:

You are welcome.  Now enjoy obsessing about getting one.