It was a fun time!

My Great Uncle Dr. Larry Cooke was an army doctor during World War II.  He brought back a German Karabiner 98k service rifle that ended up being left to my mother when Larry passed away.  This rifle sat in my dad's closet for almost my entire childhood, and other than a passing interest in the fact that there was an old rifle in Dad's closet, we never payed much attention as kids.  

Well, as these things tend to do, history became much more important to me as I got older.  Then I met Lance HowellLance Howell who has become a great friend, and he is a huge military history buff.  I thought he would like to see the gun, so I brought the gun around, and he did get a kick out of it.  The he said we should shoot it.  He knows guns, and said there was no reason why we couldn't, the gun is in amazing shape.  

So I found some ammo online, and waited for a chance to go shoot the thing.  Well, the chance came up today, when Lance invited me to go to the rifle range at Target Masters in Garland.  We met Lance's friends Tom and Josh (who are awesome guys) there.  I was so excited to shoot that gun, I have been waiting so long to get the opportunity, and it probably hasn't been fired since 1944, if at all.  the gun is in such good shape, it may not have been fired.  It was manufactured in 1944 at the Mauser Oberndorf plant.  There weren't many of these produced there this late in the war if the research I have done is correct.  So this was a big moment for me.  

Long story short, we had a great time and burned through about 100 rounds.  the thing shot like a dream, and it was cool to get to experience such a great piece of history.  Tom also rented a SCAR-L for us to shoot and bought a bunch of ammo.  Tom's friend Mason also had his AR-15 that we got to shoot. It was a lot of fun, and everyone got a kick out of shooting the Kar 98!  Here is a video, hope you enjoy.