I sometimes write things in the internet. You can read them. Or don't. 


I am a man who learned a lot of things, mostly from my parents and a long string of amazing people since then. I have done some things, seen some things, and been some places. But mostly I have met wonderful, beautiful, amazing people. That experience has led me here. I would like to talk about it sometimes. I will tell silly, pointless stories and post pictures about things I do and like. Sometimes I will say what I think. 

All photography mostly done by me using an iPhone. Otherwise I probably stole it from the internet.  



Sometimes I go on adventures. Sometimes with my awesome wife, sometimes with my awesome son, often times alone. Sometimes I have different definition of adventure than some people, so you might end up with a bunch of pictures of a funky thrift store, but I think things are weird sometimes and that is pretty rad. 

Come With Me! 


Sometimes I have opinions. This is mostly things that you don't care about, but I do, or did, just enough and just for a long enough time to type a thing about them. I write things down because no one wants to listen to an analog conversations of me saying them! It's a big win for everyone. Basically this is sort of my blog. Want to know what I think? 

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